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If we make money off of this website, that means this website sticks around!

It’s a dog eat dog world out there, but that doesn’t mean it has to be. We can decide to stick it to the man and support one another instead of compete. Life isn’t always a competition, and that’s why I’m asking you guys to support us if you truly enjoy us.  

We’ve set up a Patreon page.  Here you can donate anywhere from $1 to support us each and every month for as long as you choose to.  There’s no obligation to stick around forever.  However, any bit counts.  I can’t keep this website going without making money off of it, and we’re struggling at the moment.  That is to say, this website (as of April 28th, 2017) is still very new — not even half a year old.  We’ve done wonderfully thus far, but if we want to keep going, we have to make a profit.  That way I can work, but still work on this website, too.

If you can’t support us monetarily, then you can support us by sharing us with your friends! Share this website via Twitter, Email, Linkedin — any social media you personally enjoy using.  That means the world to us, too, and helps us out tremendously.

Thank you for support. You have no idea how much it means to us.

— Mariah Loeber
Founder and Editor-in-Chief