What is the purpose of this website?

To promote women in STEM and science communication! We try to give a platform for those who are communicating their brand of science, as well as making science more personable for everyone!

How do you help scientists and other STEM ENDEAVORS? 

We try to promote them on our site via interviews (readable ones, or ones in our upcoming podcast), via guest posts that they write, and help promote (and sometimes donate to ourselves) their Kickstatrters and Patreons!

How many employees do you have?

One. That's me, Mariah! I have a day job, and do this as my side hustle, alongside some volunteering. In the future, I'd like to make enough here to be able to pay for guest posts and to hire writers and create jobs, but at the moment, we're a very tiny operation.


How can i donate/support to Femstem?

You can find out how to support us by going here.

When i donate, what does the money go to?

  • The expenses of running a website.  It takes time and money to do this, and without your support, I can not keep this going.
  • Compensating other writers in the future.
  • Donations towards STEM related Kickstarters and Patreons via FemSTEM.


Are you for-profit or non-profit?

We are for-profit.