What is Asbestos and is it Harmful?
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What is Asbestos and is it Harmful?

Recently, FemSTEM paired up with Samantha Stuhler, an analyst for an environmental testing company, to talk about the EPA and its importance in our current society.  As we did this, we talked about minerals that Miss Stuhler directly works with — asbestos. When asked if the introduced bill to dismantle the EPA […]

By USGS Bee Inventory and Monitoring Lab from Beltsville, Maryland, USA
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#ICYMI: A Species of Bee is Now on the Endangered List

This article was edited on March 28th, 2017, to make a factual correction. There’s been no reason to believe this wouldn’t happen, but it finally did.  The bee specifically known as the rusty patched bumblebee has been placed on the critically endangered list. These bees, native to the east coast […]