Updates on 100Books50Schools GoFundMe


About nine months ago, FemSTEM.com started up a GoFundMe campaign to send one hundred books to fifty schools! A lot of people are probably wondering how that went (…and honestly, it is still going). 

Unfortunately, we were not able to raise enough money to buy 100 books. However, we were able to purchase ten books and pay for the shipping fees of those books.  We purchased ten copies of Rachel Ignotofsky’s Women in Science, plus one on her signed copies to give away. The purchase of her signed copy was not done with donation money. 

We ended the campaign today, January 17th, having raised a little over $200 of our $3000 goal. We are not in the least bit upset — we did manage to get something done, and we couldn’t be happier for our first ever campaign!

Now …here comes the small issue.  Every school (except for one) that I have contacted has either not gotten back to me about wanting the donation of the book, or they thought my emails were spam. (I’m not sure how or why …but I called them, too, and could not convince them that I was legitimately trying to donate a book to their library).

With that said: I met with a soon-to-be science teacher in mid-Atlanta, and we have thankfully started to get the ball rolling! I will be updating with which schools have gotten donated to so you know exactly where your money went! It is just taking a little more time than I had anticipated.

I want to thank all of our donors — it means so much to me that you believed in this cause and that you’re letting new eyes meet Rachel Ignotofsky’s work!

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