ICYMI: NASA Ends GRACE Mission, Your iPhone’s Calculator Might Be Buggy, and the US is Selling to Oil Companies

After 15 Years, NASA Says ‘Goodbye’ to GRACE


Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech


Satellite GRACE’s (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment) 15-year-run has come to an end.  As reported by NASA themselves on October 27th, 2017, the U.S. and German collaboration ended its science operations.  GRACE was really two satellites that ‘provided unprecedented insights into how our planet is changing by tracking the continuous movement of liquid water, ice and the solid Earth.’


GRACE-1 will still continue to operate until the end of the year, but GRACE-2’s remaining battery is not sufficient to keep going according to NASA.  For the GRACE project to have continued further on, both GRACE-1 and GRACE-2 need to be fully operational.  However, this isn’t the complete end for all GRACE satellites.  In 2018, GRACE Follow-On will launch, so that we can continue to see how our Earth’s land, water, and ice change and move.  You can read more about GRACE here.


iOS 11’s Calculator is a Little Buggy



It’s a newer operating system, we still all expect it to be a little buggy here and there.  But iOS 11 is buggy in a place you wouldn’t really expect it to be — its calculator is a little slow.  We’ve had since the 1960’s to perfect the solid state calculator; it’s a little weird that Apple’s calculator would bug out at all.  QUARTZ reported that the animation on the application makes it such that if you type in your numbers too quickly, you won’t get an accurate solution to the problem you’re inserting into the calculator.


“It seems to be because of a new animation in the calculator app, where a button briefly fades to white when you press it. The result is that if you press an operator button (i.e., the plus sign) before the short animation finishes, the app ignores it. So, 1 + 2 + 3 accidentally gets read as 1 + 23.”


According to QUARTZ, it was Reddit users who first reported the bug, and as of the writing of this article, it’s unclear whether or not Apple is aware of this glitch in the system.


President Trump Apparently Would Like to Open Up the Gulf of Mexico to Oil Companies




Two weeks ago, oil spilt not far from the Gulf of Mexico — 16,000 gallons worth.  Even though this story has just taken place, and the Gulf of Mexico was where BP’s gigantic oil spill happened 1o years ago,  it would seem the President of the United States would still like to operate in this area.  In fact, this sale of area will be the largest oil and gas lease sale in America’s history according to Secretary Zinke.   This sale will happen in March of 2018, and is going to offer 76.9 millions of acre across the Gulf.  This goal of this is to create more jobs in the oil and coal industry, as President Trump has promised he would do numerous times.  It just won’t be great for the environment to continue to rig and use oil and gas — especially in the Gulf, that has already been so negatively effected.

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