ICYMI: A Community for Moms to Learn How to Code Has Emerged

ICYMI: A Community for Moms to Learn How to Code Has Emerged

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Based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Erica Peterson has started an online community that connects mothers specifically who want to learn how to code.


In Erica Peterson’s words about her newest endeavor to the Incline: “There are support groups for moms for everything. I couldn’t find one [for coding], so decided to make it.”


Erica Peterson is not only the founder of Moms Can: Code, she is also the founder of a non-profit called “Science-Tots”, which aims to help encourage children in STEAM early on.  Erica is an extremely passionate person, about STEM and STEAM in particular, and continues to show this throughout her work.


Moms Can: Code started early last month, on August 3rd, 2017.  Even before the official launch, they garnered 400 subscribers to their newsletter.


The community ranges wider then just the newsletter, however.  Their website hosts events (that range from free to costing some money, depending on the event) that teach basic coding.  For example, coming up in September, Moms Can: Code is hosting a session on how to build a webpage ($15) and an event on how to develop skills to work Alexa on the Amazon Echo products (free).


Further more, signing up for a membership (which range from $5 a month to $9 a month depending on which program you go for) can get you access to the tools and information you need to begin to learn how to code.  Exactly what you came here for.  For example, the Level 1 membership includes things like webinars with women in tech, printables to help you continue your lessons as a coder, and more!


And Erica continues to have big endeavors for her site; she doesn’t want the community to end there.  According to the Incline article mentioned earlier: “[Erica] hopes to partner with local tech

Erica on the red carpet for Moms Can: Code

companies for various resources such as in-person intro to coding classes.” This would be giving her new ‘mom support group’ a bigger audience and higher ground.


Moms Can: Code is also having a networking event this September 23rd in San Fransisco, and are planing new events for the future that will be hosted in New York City.


As someone who has been fascinated with coding myself (I know some basic HTML at this point), I cannot help but be completely enthralled with this new community, and here at FemSTEM, we cannot wait to watch it continue to succeed.  We know it will.


If you’re a mother who wants to learn how to code in her (very limited) free time, check out Moms Can: Code!


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