A Note From the Editor: Where I’ve Been + What’s Coming

A Note From the Editor: Where I’ve Been + What’s Coming

I’ve been on and off this site for a good month now.

Which, of course, in a lot of ways is just a bad business choice.  However, it’s proven to be a good life choice — at least for now.  Not that I’m abandoning this blog (not by any means), but this month has been absolutely insane.  I found out I was moving across the country out of nowhere, which, of course, means moving FemSTEM’s headquarters!  (…From my current bedroom, to my new bedroom.  Someday I’ll have my own office.  Someday.)  That has, quite obviously, taken up so much of my time.  Plus, my secular job, which actually pays my bills since FemSTEM just isn’t doing that quite yet.  (Again — someday.)


But just because I haven’t been able to sit down as often and write my little heart out, or interview so many of the amazing scientists I’ve connected with on twitter, doesn’t mean I’m not scheming as I daydream during my dull moments at work, or in the car, or …anywhere really.


What’s Coming


The Podcast

If you follow me on Twitter (which you should, by the way), you probably have heard about this.  I’ll be starting a podcast with environmental analyst Samantha Stuhler.  I’ve mentioned her on site before, too, a couple of times.  The podcast will be called “Thinking Hertz” (we’re funny, we know) and will cover scientific news topics, feature Women in STEM, as well as answer questions from listeners/readers, and take corrections when we need them!  Alongside that, we’ll be doing a more personal, bonus podcast over on FemSTEM’s Patreon for those who decide to support us monthly.


The Newsletter

Yes! Finally. After months, the promised email newsletter will be coming!  This will be a normal, weekly newsletter that will cover what articles we’ve published this month, feature Melissa’s #STEMSaturdays  — which, if you haven’t already, you’d better check out — and much more!  This way it’s easier to keep up with all the activity that’s going on here, just once a week.


More Merch!

We already have some merch that you can buy and help support us with!  But we will have much more!  We’ll have enamel pin designs for Patreon supporters (we have two designs in the works), as well as thank you cards for them, and MORE SHIRTS and mugs on TeeSpring!  Eventually, we may be able to buy shirts to go along with Patreon support, but that might be a little ways coming.  We’ll have to see.


More Interviews

I’ve already spoken with many scientists via twitter who have agreed to sit down with me and talk!  Some of them will be in the form of articles (such as these ones), and some will be on our podcast!  This will help bring light to more and more modern women in STEM who need and want to be heard in their fields.


So as you can see, even though I’ve been quiet, a lot has been happening behind the scenes.  Soon, everything will be in place, though, and this site will become the scientific hub I want it to be!


— Mariah Loeber
Founder and Editor-in-Chief


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