ICYMI: Benefit Makeup Causes Outrage Over “Skip Class Not Concealer”

ICYMI: Benefit Makeup Causes Outrage Over “Skip Class Not Concealer”

This article was edited on July 25th, 2017 as Samantha Yammine told FemSTEM that Benefit still hadn’t taken down the ads in Toronto as of this date.


Makeup company Benefit put themselves in hot water on July 10th with female scientists in the twitter community. Truly, many women online took to Twitter to show their dismay at the San Francisco brand after they revealed a troubling advert for one of their makeup lines.




The brand’s line “Boi-ing” came with the message “skip class not concealer”. The message seemingly stating that outer beauty was more important than applying yourself and getting an education. Soon after, the #SkipBenefitNotClass hashtag took off, with science communicator and neuroscientist Samantha Yammine kicking it off.

She even created a Twitter Moment, showcasing all of the disgust others had about the campaign. You can view that here.

Alongside her, other Women in STEM began to tweet along with the hashtag. Some, like Science Forbes contributor Meriame Berboucha and Engineer Kayse Maass told Benefit that they like to wear makeup — but also how much they valued their intelligence and seeking knowledge.  They can — and do — enjoy both.


Maass also reminded Benefit that there was no need to feel like you had to wear concealer to class to begin with.



This message was also given by doctoral candidate Ekaterina Baibuz who said that she skipped the concealer today, but she hoped Benefit could forgive her. This post was drowning in sarcasm, of course.



Business Insider reported that Benefit said that they were going to remove this ad campaign, apologizing for the outrage it caused. “Please note that we value all levels of education,” They replied to one twitter user. “We apologize for any communication that did not reflect this.”  However, according to the aforementioned Samantha Yammine, they haven’t taken down the ads in Toronto.


It’s hard to imagine that they mean that, however. Using stereotypes in order to sell makeup just isn’t going to work in this day and age, and encouraging ANYONE to skip class is a ridiculous and extremely negative tactic that needs to stop being put in use.


Even with the negativity, however, Benefit has still gained from the free press.  With big media outlets such as Business Insider and the HuffPost writing about the outrage, to bloggers like me, unfortunately we are giving into them to a degree.   And that’s something to keep in mind as well.





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