This Infographic Shows You The Statistics of How Many Women There Are in Tech

This Infographic Shows You The Statistics of How Many Women There Are in Tech

We’ve all heard the statistics here and there about just how many women are in certain STEM fields.  APPDynamics and Ghergich & Co.* came together to put all of those statistics in one place.


Together, they teamed up to create an infographic that would not only showcase these statistics, but also shine a light on a few women who are high up in the tech industry right now.  With sources from and Forbes, they’ve been able to condense the information of a topic many readers of our site are, really, already aware of.  Because even with how many women take up the work force in America these days, STEM is still a very male dominated field, and we all know that as a fact.


However, the word still needs to get out there to those who don’t recognize just how low the numbers are.   And this is where their infographic comes into play.


“When we think of technology, we often think of how big it has gotten as an industry,”  Says Ghergich & Co. “—and how rapidly that change has occurred. In fact, the tech sector currently accounts for about 10 percent of the private sector payroll in the U.S. alone.


“But what we often don’t think of when we think of the tech industry is women.


“Traditionally, tech careers often find the best employees from science, tech, engineering, and math specialties, and those fields have often been difficult for women to break into and achieve success.


“Fortunately for the current and next generation, that’s changing. There’s a whole group of women who have made their mark, either from the incubator stage of tech decades ago or in current iterations of tech-focused companies. Take, for example, Susan Wojcicki: She’s currently CEO of YouTube, but without her garage, Google wouldn’t have had workspace for its first few months.”




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