You Can Help Taylor Richardson Fund Her Efforts to Be an Inspiration for Girls in STEM

You Can Help Taylor Richardson Fund Her Efforts to Be an Inspiration for Girls in STEM

Taylor Richardson, of the famous GoFundMe in which she raised almost $20,000 to help girls see Hidden Figures for free, is at it again.


This time, Taylor Richardson is raising money to travel America so that she can be a better, personal inspiration to girls in STEM.  “This summer and fall I have been offered more opportunities to attend various events locally and out of state to not only enhance my skill set but to bring that knowledge back to my city and continue to inspire, raise up and engage girls to LEAD in whatever they want to be.” She writes on her GoFundMe page.


Taylor Richardson
CC Taylor Richardson

“Representation matters and I need your help. I’m raising funds to aid in my travel and lodging expenses to attend not only summer camps but colleges, conferences and other STEM and girls empowerment events.”


As of the writing of this article, she has currently gained over $800 of her $5,000 goal.


Because of her wonderful influence that she’s had, she’s been asked to visit many places across the US.  However, how is one supposed to travel around to help support girls and women when they can’t cover their travel expenses?  “Just recently I’ve been accepted to attend YEA Camp in July,”  She says.  “This camp is for youth who want to change the world and learn how to bring that change back to its communities and implement it. I’ve also been asked to visit Atlanta, San Diego, and NYC! But I need your help to get there.”


The proceeds from this fundraiser will help her get to these places in order to visit and meet girls across the country.  It will also “aid in other girls who want attend these same various STEM or empowerment programs all around the world. Like Kaitlyn Ludlam, who I awarded a scholarship to attend to space camp this summer.”  You can read about how Taylor helped get Kaitlyn to Space Camp here.


If you’d like to help Taylor encourage others, you can visit her GoFundMe page and give a small donation to aid her in her quest!  You can also follow her and her mother on twitter!

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