Gear Girls: The New IndieGogo To Shed “Light on the Past, Present and Future of Women & Minorities in STEM”

Gear Girls: The New IndieGogo To Shed “Light on the Past, Present and Future of Women & Minorities in STEM”

Not too long ago, FemSTEM brought attention to the IndieGogo Campaign for “Women’s Work — A History of Women in Coding”.  They hit their needed goal of $5000, and we hope to see that film come to life very soon.


In the spirit of bringing attention to campaigns such as this, which we’ve also done for the successful Kickstarter “Code Angel”, we set our sights on the new IndieGogo “Gear Girls”.


Gear Girls
CC Gear Girls

Gear Girls is a documentary film meant to “shed light on the past, present and future of women & minorities in STEM fields”.  The documentary is going to follow an all-girls and all-minority robotics team out of  George Washington Carver High School in Philadelphia, PA, throughout their school year.  Their names are Alexsis, Venise, Qadirah, MyKyah and Keisha.


This documentary will bring these five girls into the spotlight and showcase their amazing abilities in the robotics field as well as their passion for STEM altogether.


This incredible group of girls have accomplished quite a lot during their academic careers.  According to the filmmakers, this team placed 2nd in regionals (FIRST Robotics, FTC), and went to nationals in the Sea Perch (underwater robotics) competition.


Not only are they following these talented young women, though.  They are also going to note some women who are currently have careers in STEM, such as Dr. Velma Scantlebury, Dr. Nancy Grace Roman and five others. 


On top of everything, 10% of the contributions will be donated to the 501(c)3 Non-Profit Tech Impact by the makers of the film!


We love the idea so much, and thankfully we were in a position to do more than just advertise for them.  This time around, we were able to give $5 to the documentary in the hopes that it’ll make its goal and reach its full potential.


If you’re interested in helping them out, you can check out the IndieGogo here, the website here, and their twitter page!



  1. Carmen Crews-Hart

    Mariah, thank you for spreading this great news about the Gear Girls. As one of the Executive Producers of the documentary I can say first hand that these incredible young ladies paving the way for younger female generations interested in STEM. A million thanks to you for sharing our project and campaign.

    • Of course! We’re always happy to help spread awareness for these documentaries and other great crowdfunding projects that encourage Women and girls in STEM! You’re very welcome!