The Lunlam Family, Taylor Richardson, and Kaitlyn's School Principal

Taylor Richardson Helped Send 14-year-old Kaitlyn to Space Camp!

We recently interviewed Taylor Richardson, a young, aspiring astronaut, who raised money so that girls could watch the movie Hidden Figures for free.  Her good heart hasn’t stopped there, though.

Recently Taylor Richardson, and her mother Toni Richardson, held an essay writing contest. The lucky winner would win a trip to a Space Camp.  “My first GoFundMe was to get me to Space Camp,” Taylor told me.  “so I figured why not use the last bit of proceeds to help someone else go.”

Taylor Richardson
From Left to Right: Kaitlyn Ludlam / Taylor Richardson

That lucky winner wound up being 14-year-old Kaitlyn Ludlam, and she will be going to a Space Camp in Huntsville, Al.

Kaitlyn herself said that she’s been involved in STEM for as long as she can remember.  “For a long time I have designed, built, and programmed robots,” Kaitlyn said in her essay.  “I have spent a lot of my free time studying Chemistry, Hydrology, Demography, Biology, Ecology, and every type of math availiable to me. […]  After I go to college, I dream of becoming an engineer. […]  I want to learn what I could do in the discovery of what is outside our planet and understand the phenomenons of space. Any book I read or article I find can never replace what I can learn at space camp.”

Taylor Richardson surprised Kaitlyn at her school to announce Kaitlyn’s win.  “I surprised her at her school,”  Taylor told me via email. “Did that and went straight to [my] school.  Long day, but productive.”

Taylor’s legacy of supportive and successful fundraising will not end there, either.  She told me:  “I’m about to start another campaign to raise funds for me and mom to travel to California, Massachusetts, New York and Texas [in the] summer. There are camps at these places like YEA camp (omg so excited) Black Girls Lead, and of course space centers.  My goal is get enough funds to travel and donate extra funds to these organizations for another kid next year.”

FemSTEM will absolutely be supporting Taylor in her future endeavors as she continues to support and inspire other young girls in STEM.

And congrats, Kaitlyn! We read your essay, and you deserved this! If you want to read Kaitlyn’s essay, you can do so here.



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