#ICYMI: A Scientist Won Miss USA Over the Weekend!

#ICYMI: A Scientist Won Miss USA Over the Weekend!


Miss D.C., Kára McCullough, won Miss USA Sunday night.  Dubbed “one of the most intelligent contestants in recent memory” by producers, McCullough went on to impress the judges and fans enough to be crowned Miss USA.

Kara McCullough is a 25-year-old woman who studied nuclear chemistry at South Carolina State University.  She also explained to judges that, as a scientist herself, she finds that encouraging others to get into STEM fields was extremely important to her.  According to the linked Washington Post article, she told the judges that she hosts an outreach program that helps kids learn about STEM fields. She finds it crucial to teach and encourage young ones — especially girls — and to inspire them to participate and grasp science, technology, engineering, and math.


Miss USA
CC Kára McCullough via Twitter

In answering her questions that night (which — as a reminder; each Miss USA contestant only have 30 seconds to do), she was not shy in her opinions on women in the working force and in STEM fields. She went on to explain how she had seen just how important women were in the work place and in science, and how she planned to keep promoting that attitude.

“As a woman scientist in the government, I’d like to lately transpose the word feminism to equalism,” She said in answer to one of her questions Sunday night, asking if she considered herself to be a feminist. “I don’t really want to consider myself — try not to consider myself like this die-hard, you know, like, ‘Oh, I don’t really care about men.’ But one thing I’m gonna say, though, is women, we are just as equal as men when it comes to opportunity in the workplace.”

She continued: “And I say firsthand: I have witnessed the impact that women have in leadership in the medical sciences, as well as just in the office environment. So as Miss USA, I would hope to promote that type of leadership responsibility globally to so many women worldwide.”



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