The 2nd Annual #TrainLikeaMartian Challenge Launches May 22nd!

The 2nd Annual #TrainLikeaMartian Challenge Launches May 22nd!

Have you heard about The Mars Generation? A program lunched in 2015, by a young woman named Abigail Harrison (also known as Astronaut Abby), its mission is ‘to excite young people and adults about human space exploration and STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) education and foster an understanding of the importance of these two elements to the future of humankind on Earth’.

On May 22nd-26th of this year, the organization will be hosting the #TrainLikeaMartian Challenge for the second year.


What is the #TrainLikeaMartian Challenge?


#TrainLikeaMartianThe #TrainLikeaMartian Challenge is a week long of fun STEM activities that will help bring awareness to, not only STEM (and STEAM) education, but also to physical fitness and to space exploration.

Though not associated with NASA, this project is inspired by NASA.  NASA has its own Train Like an Astronaut Program.

The best part about this is you can participate from anywhere!  It takes place on the internet, and as long as you sign up here and follow all of the rules, you can be eligible for prizes!  (We signed up as Ground Support, or basically a cheerleader for the project!)

You can post photos or videos of yourself (or your group) participating in each project that the #TrainLikeaMartian Challenge social medias put up.  You an submit up to three photos and/or videos every day.  1 photo = 1 entry for a prize.  1 video = 2 entires for a prize.  And every post you make that ask your followers to donate to the cause, using both hashtags #TrainLikeaMartain and #TheMarsGeneration = 2 entires for prizes. is Helping Donate to the Cause 


If you’re interested in helping us raise only $25 towards #TheMarsGeneration (or more), you can do so by visiting our fundraising page here.  All of the money raised goes directly to them!  And you can see us participate and aid in this endeavor at our Twitter account and at our Instagram!


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