Your U.S. High School Can Get a Free Copy of Hidden Figures!

Your U.S. High School Can Get a Free Copy of Hidden Figures!

Hidden Figures took the world by storm when it came out (the movie especially, but don’t forget — there’s a book!), and now the filmmakers are doing something pretty cool.

That’s right. Yesterday, the official Hidden Figures twitter announced that every U.S. high school will get the chance to receive a DVD copy of the film for free!


But How Does Your School Get a Copy of Hidden Figures?


You can register your school here (with your principal’s permission) in order to get a copy.  A student cannot register for this (unless they somehow know their school’s tax information …).  It would have to be an adult in the facility.  That being said, if you’re a student, go ahead and ask the adults at your school.  Because it’s free, it’ll be even more incentive to do so.

The offer lasts about a year — until May 1st, 2018.  So there’s quite a bit of time to receive a free copy for your school.

In addition, at the aforementioned link, you can download the Hidden Figures curriculum guide so that you can better teach the film to your class, and the press kit, some film clips, and even more.


Don’t Worry Homeschooler’s — You’re Not Left Out


It appears as though the provision by FOX is also being made to home schools, and online schools as well.  This way everyone can have a chance to get this movie at no cost, and be inspired to maybe become an engineer themselves.

So what are you waiting for? Register here.*


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