#ICYMI Round Up: The Last Jedi, Your iPhone 5 Is Dying, and Giraffes …

#ICYMI Round Up: The Last Jedi, Your iPhone 5 Is Dying, and Giraffes …

The last couple of weeks have been packed with news, and sometimes, we can’t just cover each piece of news in its own separate article. So, welcome to #ICYMI Round Up. For all of those big news stories you might just have missed.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Released


Disney released their trailer for Star Wars: Episode 8: The Last Jedi last week on April 14th.  On a personal level, I didn’t find the trailer for the movie very engaging whatsoever.  You see very little of anyone, or anything.  Maybe that’s meant to grow anticipation, and it’s seemed to have worked for diehard fans of the Star Wars franchise.  However, for me, it just didn’t work.

In this trailer for The Last Jedi, we do get a hint of how the movie will start off.  Luke Skywalker deciding that there’s one thing he knows for sure; that the jedi much end.  Finn seems to be asleep (and not dead), as actor John Bodega stated, and Rey gets her chance to learn that she’s probably the Last Jedi.  You don’t get to see much of Poe, at all (like in the first film of this trilogy …), and not being able to get a real hint as to his story arc leaves me a bit frustrated.  The addition of Carrie Fisher, however, not being CGI’d, is a nice touch.


Apple’s Beginning to Phase out the iPhone and iPhone 5C



No loyal Apple user is surprised about this one.  On April 12th, Cult of Mac recognized that the iPhone update of iOS 10.3.2 is going to leave the iPhone 5 “out in the cold“.  I noticed even when I updated to 10.3.1 on my own device that I couldn’t get the new Apple app, “Clips”.  According to the aforementioned Cult of Mac article, this is the first time that Apple has begun to phase out a device with a minor update.


April the Giraffe Finally Gave Birth



The viral sensation, April the Giraffe, finally gave birth after a long time of waiting.  Over 1 million people watched as she gave birth to a healthy male on April 15th, 2017.  With scientists worried that giraffes are at risk of extinction, this is very good news.




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