The YouTube/Google Ad Boycott and What it Means for Us Bloggers

The YouTube/Google Ad Boycott and What it Means for Us Bloggers

YouTubers aren’t the only ones who might be feeling the effects of the YouTube/Google AD strike — bloggers will most likely feel the sting, too.

It may have started with YouTube, but this is more of a Google Ad strike than anything.  What happens with companies pulling their ads effects us all — not just those of us who are making visual content on YouTube.  Our written content, FemSTEM included, could be at risk as well.


What is This Boycott?


Anything can be uploaded to YouTube.  Because of this, often times offensive and inappropriate content gets published.  As a result of this, a lot of this inappropriate content is being monetized, and advertising companies are having enough of this.

Walmart, PepsiCo, McDonalds, Dish Network, AT&T, BBC, Verizon, and more major companies are pulling their advertising from Google.  It seems like more companies are being named every day.  Starbucks has pulled their advertising, too, but the difference is, they’ve only pulled their ads from YouTube, and not Google as a whole.

Google’s stock value went down as a result.

“We are deeply concerned and terribly disappointed that some of our brand ads have appeared alongside videos that promote hate and are offensive,”  said PepsiCo.  “PepsiCo has taken immediate steps to remove all advertising from non-search platforms until Google can absolutely ensure that this will not happen again. PepsiCo has a long history of embracing diversity and inclusion, and content like this violates our core values.”

When companies pull their advertising from Google as a whole, that effects bloggers, too.


How Does This Effect Bloggers? 


Hank Green described this debacle as “unenviable set of problems” on Twitter on Monday, saying:  “everyone in the ecosystem relies on those ad dollars”.  This is of course, very true, and the thing is — us bloggers are part of that ecosystem.

YouTube is definitely not the only factor of Google that’s being effected by this.  The more ads get pulled, the more Google loses in revenue, and the more we lose, too.  We use advertising the same way that YouTuber’s use it.  A lot of times, it helps fund our website, our niches, and our goals.  However, the more Google loses, the more we lose, too.


So What Can Bloggers Do?


A lot of this will just be waiting for Google to get their act together.  Until then, us bloggers can do more than just sit around and wait for Google to make their promises to “safeguard” advertisers a reality.  Because even if Google does make well on these promises, they may not get all of these advertisers back.  No one knows for sure at this point.

Bloggers may have to rely on their affiliate links and their sponsorships (if they have any) for the most part.  Many bloggers already have strategies that mark this as Google ads aren’t always the most reliable, but if you don’t, you may have to look into that.

WordPress ads, if you qualify for them, might also be an option for many bloggers who use WordPress already.  Unfortunately, this will not do if you use Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, or anything else.

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