Trump vs Climate Change: Today’s Executive Order

Trump vs Climate Change: Today’s Executive Order

FemSTEM has no political affiliation*. 

Most everyone saw this coming, and some people are thrilled about it, while others are not.  As you’re most likely well aware, the ongoing debate on whether or not climate change is real is deepening even further.  Donald Trump himself is a known climate change denier, as is the current head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt.


News outlets everywhere were expecting there to be news today (Tuesday, March 28th) regarding Trump’s plans for the EPA, and sure enough it came.


US President, Donald Trump, has signed an executive order entitled the “Energy Independence” executive order.  This executive order has commanded the EPA to start derailing the “Clean Power Plan”, installed by former US President, Barack Obama.

“C’mon fellas. You know what this is? You know what this says? You’re going back to work,”  Donald Trump said.  This executive order is part of Donald Trump’s promise to “bring back jobs”; specifically, jobs to coal workers.  This executive order will boost the coal industry as a result of backtracking on the Clean Power Plan.

It should be noted that solar jobs have been on the rise while coal industry jobs have been diminishing.

And while coal industry workers may be overjoyed that Trump seems to be attempting to keep his promises, others are not so happy about this new arrangement.  “Annie Leonard of Greenpeace USA said it showed Trump is ‘just a fossil fuel industry stooge with a presidential pen’.”


Interestingly enough, the executive order document said nothing about the US’ involvement in the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.  This agreement with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change aims to “[hold] the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2 °C [or 35.6  °F]”, among other goals to decrease the damage humans are bringing to the earth via greenhouse gases.”  However, the information on the US’ involvement will most likely come in the near future, considering this turn of events.



*It is important to note that though FemSTEM does not have a political affiliation, the Editor-in-Chief and author of this article, does believe that climate change is indeed real.  However, she also does not feel as though this is a political issue — it is merely fact.

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