Microsoft is Celebrating International Women’s Day with Their New #MakeWhatsNext Campaign

Microsoft is Celebrating International Women’s Day with Their New #MakeWhatsNext Campaign

In a one minute and thirty second video, Microsoft has decided to try to make their addition to International Women’s Day count.  Gathering up some girls to talk about how they want to change the world through STEM, and then taking somewhat of a dark turn that makes the audience think that — for a spilt second — these girls may become discouraged.  Of course, the reveal is that they all believe that they can do it, and weren’t discouraged in the least.

“Change the World — Stay in STEM”. 

This isn’t the first time that Mircosoft has had this campaign run.  Last year they ran a similar advertisement, except for the fact that this video showcased the fact that many people can name people in STEM who are men right off the top of their heads, but if asked to name women inventors and scientists, people will draw a blank.

This new campaign is meant to build on last years according to Mary Snapp, the Corporate vice president of Microsoft Philanthropies.  The goal is to garner girl’s attention, and “pique their excitement” to keep them engaged and encouraged to stay in STEM fields.


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This year’s campaign showcased girls who all had plans: to cure breast cancer, or to end climate change.  They get all excited when Microsoft hands them technologies that could help them reach their goals, only for the team to let these girls know that only 6.7% of women graduate in STEM fields.  The video takes a quick, but dark turn here, as it almost looks like the girls are about to give up themselves.

However, they say that this is ridiculous and they don’t understand it.  They’re just as brilliant as men.

It will be interesting to see if this ad campaign goes anywhere in helping girls to stay in STEM classes.  It will also be interesting to see if other technology companies step up to the plate.  Snapp believes that they should.

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