We’re Getting Crash Course: Sociology and SciShow Psych!

We’re Getting Crash Course: Sociology and SciShow Psych!

Rejoice fellow YouTube Education fans!  We’re getting more, free, STEM-related educational programs by the second, and two of them are being hosted by more women.

We expressed our happiness about the development of Crash Course: Computer Science, hosted by the lovely Miss Carrie Anne Philbin, and just a couple weeks later, we’re getting two new great educational programs.

Crash Course: Sociology with Nicole Sweeney

One is Crash Course: Sociology, hosted by Nicole Sweeney, a Crash Course alumni who is usually behind the scenes, but now will be doing the educating.  Sociology, of course, is “the science of people and society”.  According to Sweeney this Crash Course will be considering family makeup, political and religious institutions, and subjects as social and economic inequality.  It begins this Monday, March 6th.

The other new YouTube series, which is getting its own channel, is SciShow Psych (video above).  SciShow has other related channels, such as SciShow Kids and SciShow Space, and now is adding this new channel also on March 6th, and this channel will have two new episodes every week.  It will be hosted by Brit Garner, along with the usual host of SciShow — Hank Green.

We, of course, are thrilled to be getting more educational programming hosted by women, for free.  We, unfortunately, could not find much information on either host like we could with Carrie Anne Philbin, but we are sure that these two new hosts will bring joy to our screens every single week with their knowledge.

You can help these two channels out if you so please by donating to their Patreon.

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