If Barbara Gordon isn’t Oracle in the Nightwing Movie, We’ll be Upset

If Barbara Gordon isn’t Oracle in the Nightwing Movie, We’ll be Upset

It was announced recently that director of the acclaimed movies ‘the Lego Movie’ and ‘the Lego Batman Movie’ would be directing a live action Nightwing movie.

Dearest Chris McKay,

Like many DC fans, I’m ecstatic over the idea of a Nightwing movie.  It’s about time that Dick Grayson, the first son of Batman, got his time on the big screen.  Of course, you can say this about a lot of DC characters who haven’t gotten a chance to shine at all.  How about a Cyborg movie?  Or Cassandra Cain?  I’d love that movie.  However — at the very least, we’re finally getting Nightwing on the silver screen.

Nightwing probably means that Barbara Gordon will be, at the very least, making an appearance in the film.  Unless this film solely takes place during Grayson’s run as the Teen Titan’s leader, Barbara Gordon is a huge part of Nightwing’s life.  And no — not just because she happens to be one of his (many) redheaded love interests.

Most people know Barbara Gordon as the first Batgirl (even though even that is somewhat inaccurate if you look through DC Comic’s history).  However, the 1988 comic ‘the Killing Joke’ changed all of that. Barbara Gordon was put into a wheelchair, and in time became ‘Oracle’.

Now, the character of Oracle is really great for a number of reasons.  One of the reasons being that, besides Professor Xavier of X-Men fame, there aren’t many characters in comics who have a physical disability.

Barbara Gordon as Oracle served as someone like this to showcase how you didn’t need the use of your legs to fight crime, or do anything, really.  She wasn’t anyone’s hero because she was brave for going through a bad incident with a bad result.  She was someone’s hero because she still saved lives.

This was all taken away, however, with DC rebooted its comic series entirely with the New 52.  Barbara Gordon was reinstated as Batgirl — sans wheelchair.

However, this is a STEM website, so I’m going to mainly focus on the Oracle part of the Barbara Gordon character — and her computers.



One can argue (and probably will argue) that in recent years Barbara Gordon has been shown to be incredibly talented with technology throughout the comics and in other media as Batgirl and not as Oracle.  In fact, technology is kind of the stamp of the Bat Family, and has been since Batman’s existence, really.

However — nearly Oracle’s entire gig was computers.

Almost everything Oracle did was in line with computer technology.  Batgirl fought crime with physical strength much more often, though Oracle was plenty capable of doing this herself.  And while in the comics they don’t seem to brush over the idea that Barbara is competent with computers either way, it’s another thing entirely to have a female hero who’s entire job is via the computer.

Having a character like that on the big screen would be a big deal.  We’ve seen how effective encouraging girls to get into STEM through Hollywood has been with the success of Hidden Figures.  And so, I’m going to ask you, Warner Brothers and Mr. McKay, very kindly, that if Barbara Gordon is in this film — please make her Oracle.

You will not only encourage girls who see the movie to be as cool as Babs is, but you’ll also have a more diverse cast of characters.  Women don’t even make up half of the workers in STEM fields, so there’s that.  There’s plenty of other women you can have in your movie who kick-butt besides Dick Grayson if you really want there to be!  Hey …I mean.  Nightwing hung out with his little sister Cassandra Cain all the time (please let her have some love — I’m begging you)!

And if you won’t give us any Barbara Gordon …I have one other request:

Please give us fans the blue, finger-striped Nightwing suit.  It’s so much better than that red one.  Don’t you think?

Most of your woman audience.

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