ICYMI: Pinterest Introduces Some New “Visual Discovery” Tools

ICYMI: Pinterest Introduces Some New “Visual Discovery” Tools

Likened to the music-discovery application “Shazam” by the Verge, Pinterest has introduced a tool that will help you find the items you see on Pinterest in the real world (still in Beta) on February 9th.  What do I mean, exactly?

Say you take your phone, and this new feature in your Pinterest app (called “Lens” by the way) and you point it at a pair of red shoes.  Lens will take that item, recognize them as ‘red shoes’, and then give you image results via Pinterest of red shoes.  This seems to work with everything; from shoes, to fruit, to clocks …anything you can think of to point your phone at.

For now, Lens works best for finding home decor ideas, things to wear and food to eat,”  Says Pinterest on their official blog post about the project“As more and more people give it a try, and we continue making improvements to our technology, results will get even better, and the range of objects Lens recognizes will get increasingly wider.”

Of course, Pinterest is mostly known for finding food to eat, clothes to wear, and ideas for interior decorating.  So the beta has what most Pinterest users are going to care about the most.  (Although, it would be a great way to search up animals you find in the wild that you don’t know the name of …Field trip anyone?)

You can see the advertisement for Lens down below (which, honestly, reminds me of a Google Pixels commercial …)


This isn’t the only feature Pinterest released that day.  When you hop onto the app, you’ll probably see a big, white, hollow circle at the bottom-right corner of every pin you come across.  What is that?  Well, if you click it, suddenly Pinterest gives you more results similar to than pin.

For instance, when I accidentally clicked that button this morning, suddenly my entire Pinterest feed was covered in 911 Porsche Carreras,  until I scrolled down a little further.  Then my feed returned to normal.  This feature, however, will be pretty useful if you want to find similar recipes to something that came up on your feed, or even similar clothing items, or house decor ideas.

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