In Honor of #WomenScienceDay, Check Out 4 STEM YouTubers

In Honor of #WomenScienceDay, Check Out 4 STEM YouTubers

Today is #WomenScienceDay! And to celebrate we wanted to show off some of our favorite Female STEM YouTubers!

The internet has become a wonderful place to find amazing, free education.  Many YouTubers, as funded by either the Green Brothers (Hank and John), by PBS Digital Studios, or sometimes both, have come together to create fun and engaging ways to learn about Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math.  Many of them are women.

Unfortunately, as one could imagine, these ladies just don’t get enough love.  Most of these channels have less than a million subscribers which just is quite unfair if you ask me.  So in order to show them some love on this #WomenScienceDay, I’ve compiled a small list of some great Female STEM YouTubers for you to check out.  (I’ve also written an article about Emily Graslie, of YouTube’s The Brain Scoop, which will post later today.)

VI Hart

Now, she does have over a million subscribers (well earned, I might add), and she does an amazing job explaining math concepts right in front of your eyes.  Her fast-paced speaking goes along well with her equally as fast drawing and writing on her notebook as she explains math concepts you might not have been able to figure out on your lonesome.

Here’s a great example:

Animal Wonders: Montana 

If you say that you don’t love animals, your lying to yourself in some capacity.  Jessi Knudsen Castañeda takes you around her and her husband’s non-profit organization, teaching you how they take care of the animals, and how you can take care of your own.

She also hosts SciShow kids, a break away channel from SciShow run by the aforementioned Hank Green.  Using this channel can help your kids break into scientific concepts, and help them engage in STEM fields from an early age.

Dr. Shini Somara / Crash Course Physics 

Crash Course is a YouTube channel with a ton of different courses and videos to watch, but one that always stood out to me was Crash Course Physics, hosted by mechanical engineer Dr. Shini Somara.  She helps take you into physics without it being overbearing or completely overwhelming.

Physics Girl

Dianna Cowern runs Physics Girl, a channel currently promoted by PBS Digital.  She posts very frequently, discussing everything from What are Antibubbles? to Quantum Cryptography.   Yeah.  She also shows quite a few different science experiments, some of which you can even do at home — in your pool!  (Assuming you have a pool, Mister Bitter Commenter.  Maybe your friends have a pool.  Or you could do it in a public pool.  I’m pretty sure you knew what she meant when she said “try this at home”.)


Do you know of any more Female STEM YouTubers to celebrate on #WomenScienceDay?  If so, tell us below or tweet at us @OfficialFemSTEM.  We’d love to hear from you and give these girls some more love!


  1. You should add Ines from the channel Draw Curiosity to that list too!
    She makes great videos about science, and recently also made a game for discovering new science youtubers with lots of female and diverse creators hiding within it!

    • Artur — I just checked her out! She’s adorable! I’m totally going to subscribe! I probably won’t edit this article, but she’ll be in my mind for another one! I’m also gonna pump her on my twitter and tell everyone you brought her to my attention! Thank you so much!

      — Mariah Loeber