This Ten Year Old Girl Created A Prosthetic Arm

This Ten Year Old Girl Created A Prosthetic Arm

With the recent study that showed that girls started to believe they weren’t brilliant at around age 6 came out, I thought it was time to bring this story back into the spotlight.  Back in March of 2016, a very young girl by the name of Jordan Reeves, created a prosthetic arm for herself.  If that’s not brilliant — I don’t know what is.

Adorably, the project that Reeves concocted was entitled “Project Unicorn”.  Even more adorably, the arm shoots out glitter.  It’s a prosthetic arm and a cannon.  Jordan loads the barrels, and when she tugs on the firing cord, out comes a whole lot of glitter right in front of her.


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It is 3D printed, and it rests on Jordan’s left-upper arm.  The prosthetic arm was helped created by the 3D designers Autodesk, who had helped out with a Superhero Cyborg program that was held in San Francisco around that time.  A non profit organization entitled “KidMob” had organized the event.  The entire event was surrounding the Cyborg theme, and Jordan (and the other six kids who were invited) was asked to make herself a body modification, which she did and succeeded doing with flying colors.

FastCompany reported on the same story, saying: It’s especially powerful for kids like Jordan, who struggle to find good prosthetics that are helpful, comfortable, and affordable. Her mom, Jen Lee Reeves, has been working to find the right prosthetic since Jordan was 9 months old. Most existing designs are for people with a working elbow, but Jordan’s left arm ends just above the joint. And designs that might work can be incredibly expensive, making them impractical for a kid who will grow out of it in just a few months.”

Brilliant girls come in all shapes, sizes, and ages.  It’s important that we don’t forget that and that we encourage our girls to go out there and put their intelligence to the test, because they certainly have the means to.

You can watch the video about her doing this, here:

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