This IndieGogo Film Campaign Will Teach You About Women in Coding

Believe it or not, coding computers was considered women’s work.  And in reality, the first “computers” were women themselves — figuring out math problems for organizations such as NASA.  But this history of computers and women in coding isn’t always brought to the forefront.  And this is where Women’s Work – A History of Women in Coding” comes in.


According to filmmakers Zena Hagerty, Jessica Sovie, and Cody Lanktree, this documentary about the history of women in coding is meant to “inspire more heroes,” such as the women who were the first computers.  Since 1991, the amount of women that have computing jobs continues to decline, and now the field is male dominated despite its female dominated history.

Annie Easley

Lanktree mentioned that the goal of this project was to get as many people as possible to see the film.  If they’re able to make the film, he says that they will be doing whatever they can to get a wide audience.  “We’ll be having public screenings of this film as much as possible,”  He says in the video that advertises the IndieGogo.  “We’ll be sending DVDs and Blu-Rays to libraries across the world so that people can understand this important history.”


On April 15th, they came to me and told me about the IndieGogo.  They’re planning to extend the deadline for backers about a week because, due to circumstances, they have thus fallen short of their goal.  “My partner was very unwell for our first two weeks so it didn’t get much work off the start,”  They told me.  “If we’re lucky enough to get to five grand, it makes things much easier as we move into corporate fundraising.”


If you’re interested in seeing this documentary be created, maybe you can help out on this project.  You can check out their IndieGogo campaign here, their twitter here, and their website right here.



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