ICYMI: LEGO Introduces the Women of NASA LEGO Set

ICYMI: LEGO Introduces the Women of NASA LEGO Set

As time goes on, more and more people are recognizing amazing women who have made the world of STEM a better place.  People are taking the initiative to bring more attention to them, through posters for classrooms, through news stories, and much more.  Now, announced on February 28th, LEGO is getting in on this, and is releasing a Women of NASA LEGO set.

This set, created by Maia Weinstock, was an idea that was floating around since 2015.  According to an interview she had with Space.com, she says:  “I had actually proposed another set on Lego Ideas that was not related to science, but at a certain point I just decided to focus on a new project and go towards the area that I have much more experience with, and that is space. […] I decided to work on specific women, instead of generic women.  Because I thought this would be something different.”

Maia Weinstock herself is a science writer who works for MIT news, and actually, according to the aforementioned interview, has been working on making LEGO designs of Women in STEM for about seven years now.  Weinstock told BBC that she hopes that the LEGO set helps both girls and boys understand that women can and should have roles in STEM fields.

Aren’t the final products the cutest things?

From left to right: Computer Scientist Margaret Hamilton, Mathematician Katherine Johnson, Astronaut Sally Ride, Astronomer Nancy Grace Roman, and Astronaut Mae Jemison.

We don’t have a final date on the release of this set as of yet — an article from NPR says that they’re slated to come out later this year, but of course, that is extremely vague.  But at the very least, we know they’re coming soon, and we cannot wait for them to hit shelves and come into every LEGO collectors and child’s home.

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